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Seeing eye-to-eye

Seeing eye-to-eye

Teens who struggle  with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and may wonder how they can make a difference. Check out this non-profit that partners such college and high schools students with kids diagnosed with similar disorders.

Eye to Eye’s mission is to improve the life of everyone with a learning disability. They fulfill that mission by supporting youth mentoring programs run by and for those with learning differences, as well as by organizing advocates to support full inclusion of people with learning disabilities and ADHD throughout society.

Aside from acceptance in society, they also encourage youth with learning disabilities to accept themselves.

“Self-acceptance begins and ends with confidence. In order to develop that confidence, however, students need to feel safe. The conversations we have in the Eye to Eye Art Room create and fortify the safe space and make our movement truly unique.

Mentors talk openly and bravely about their experiences. Mentees realize they are not alone, sometime for the very first time. They see someone who was once just like they are today. More importantly, they see someone they hope to be tomorrow. And yet our art projects can’t last forever. Mentors and mentees must leave the safe space they’ve created together and return to a world that is often unable or unwilling to accept their way of learning.”

Check out this YouTube video from  the organization:

Aside from being a Cool Cause, and despite the fact they’re headquartered in New York, you can request to bring a chapter to the Denver Metro area. For more information, click here.

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