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Watch these girls rise

Watch these girls rise

A new documentary, “Girl Rising,” profiles nine girls from around the world who have risen above big challenges to be successful inside and outside the classroom.

Among the girls you’ll see in this documentary directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins and narrated by nine renowned actresses:

Ruksana. Her family is among the “pavement dwellers” who live on the streets of Kolkata, India, where her father has sacrificed everything to send his daughters to school. Ruksana’s life is filled with danger, but she escapes into her artwork and draws strength from her father’s resolve.

Wadley. She is only 7 years old when the world comes crashing down around her. Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake destroys her home and school, but it cannot  break her irrepressible spirit or extinguish her thirst to learn — even as she’s turned away from the schoolhouse day after day.

Here’s the trailer:
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